We provide exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail at every step of the process and while every home we build is unique, they all share the same distinctive qualities and workmanship. Our homes are easily sets apart by the design, the latest technology and amenities. 

Building your home can be a daunting task, but with careful planning, understanding of the site development and sharing a vision, we can help you build a sound, strong and beautiful home.

We are designing, building and renovating luxury homes since 1996. Our decades of experience and our hands-on approach allows us to bring your ideas to life and incorporate them into your custom dream home.

Luxmanor Custom Homes is a family owned company that has embedded customer service and satisfaction into the core of its business. Our company’s DNA is made of passion, creativity, and commitment to excellence. We will build your dream home as it should be built.

With a mindset to deliver an exquisite interior designs that will create…

I have made the commitment to build each home as if it was for my own family.I am committed to providing the very finest in ultra-luxury lifestyles to each and every one of my buyers.I am immersing myself in each step of the design and the construction process with an iron-clad goal to ensure that your new home will be built with the utmost attention to the many details that must be considered when building a luxury home.

Ephi Zlotnitsky / Founder & CEO

Our fantastic team

Ephi Zlotnitsky
CEO / Founder

Sean Zlotnitsky